Donator: Eat me Ink me

Thank you to Eat me Ink me for their donation for HalloWien!

Eat Me Ink Me is a lolita indie brand, that is inspired by the elegance of the past eras. Skirts, dresses and accessories (tote bags, jewelry and hair accessories) are the focal point. Available in many colors and also in original custom prints!




HalloWien Shop Announcement: I Do Declare

We are happy to welcome the US brand I Do Declare!

Clothing that takes it’s inspiration from Historical fashions of multiple time periods, notably Rococo, Regency and Victorian styles.



HalloWien Shop Announcement: Li-Paro


Limited Items or one of a kind items, handmade with love and passion. My main inspiration are different J-Fashion Styles, fairy tales but also with a twist to grotesque and macabre things. Li-Paro’s maintopic will be the frilly side, full with ruffles. The second part are the jewelrys made out of real flowers and plants, which are collected in the garden or forest ♥



HalloWien: Shop Announcement- Lady Sloth

Lady Sloth is small lolita brand from Poland. We are fair trade family company. All our items are printed and manufactured in Poland. Please visit our Facebook page or Storenvy shop to pre-order our dresses and accessories. We will have special discounts and gifts for all our customers. This year we also started our second line – Casual Sloth

KOMACHI2266531DarkLolita – Interview

Wir haben ein kurzes Interview mit DaDa, dem Designer von KOMACHI2266531DarkLolita geführt. Die Designs dieser tollen Strumpfhosen könnt ihr auf einsehen. Am 12. März 2017 findet ein Lolita-Treffen statt, wo ihr ein Paar gewinnen könnt. Hier könnt ihr mehr Infos finden.

Interview to DaDa (KOMACHI2266531DarkLolita)

What are you thinking about while making designs?

I want to make the one who wears our products to look like the heroin of a fairytale.

What is your inspiration? / Where is your inspiration coming from?

It comes from buildings such like old churches and cathedrals, ruins and cemetery.

Which other designer do you like most?

I don’t know much about designers.

What is your favorite design?

I’m attached to some of my past costumes.

What other brand do you like most?


ZOMBIE (A Japanese brand active in the ‘90s)

Can you give us a little preview of what you are planning next?

I would like to create a new genre (of fashion).

Is there a certain place you want to visit for inspiration?

North Europe

How long have you been working as a designer?

If we include the time when I was designing my costumes, it’s already 20 years.

Where did you learn to design?

I’ve learned it all by myself.

Do you plan to offer other items in future except for tights?

Yes, I would like to design many clothes.